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InterPharmex FZCO

InterPharmex is a member of Pharmex Group. Pharmex Group has been a leader in the pharmaceutical industry since 1968. We have a strong code of ethics at InterPharmex, we pride ourselves in following all applicable Governing laws (in any given Country), supplying only quality products that are maintained and shipped under stringent guidelines and controls to ensure quality delivery, free of error, defect or adulteration. We take great care in the services and products that we provide, we treat each order with individual attention, as if these products were being provided to a family member of ours. We believe in promoting only quality products, products that are reviewed by our staff thoroughly, before we will offer it to any of our customers. We believe in fair and competitive pricing, we will do our utmost to supply the products that we provide at the absolute best available price. Having said that, we also believe in fair pay for the diversified, specialized, services and products that we provide. We believe in cultivating relationships that are of mutual benefit, both equitable and profitable for all parties concerned

Our Mission is to create value for our partners by delivering complete business solutions in difficult pharmaceutical markets.

Our Vision is to be the first choice Pharma companies for contracting high quality, effective and reliable marketing, medical and clinical services

Flexibility: Integrating market and partner needs.

Integrity: Doing what is right for our community, our stakeholders and ourselves.

Quality: Committed to excellence in what and how we achieve.

Empowerment: Encouraging responsibility and entrepreneurship.

Leadership: Taking pride in what we do and inspiring others.

Commitment: We set high goals and we deliver services.




InterPharmex FZCO
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